What is Canada Company?

Every day, thousands of men and women wear the uniform of the Canadian Armed Forces; Some in peacekeeping or nation-rebuilding efforts, others in conflict and combat zones. 

Still others are in our local communities, ready to assist when disaster strikes. When called upon by those near and far, they have chosen to serve their country at home and abroad, to work on behalf of people whose future often relies on their efforts and deeds. To many around the world, the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and Reserves are the face of Canada. Whether it’s providing fresh drinking water to those who have none, or securing a perimeter for a new school or hospital, or simply allowing trust to develop where it has never flourished before, our troops are shoulder-to-shoulder with partners and allies, protecting, defending and helping where few others can, or will. 

Canada Company began in May 2006 with a pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops for the sacrifices they make every day. The organization has since grown to over 6000 members, and has become an influential voice advocating for our troops at home and abroad. 

Canada Company has quickly established a reputation among senior Military leaders, media and many members of the business community as a growing outreach between Canada’s Armed Forces and the corporate world.

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