Q: How can I register with the program?

A: As a transitioning military member or Veteran, you can register with the program here. Once you are confirmed as a current military member or Veteran (who was released honourably and QL3 qualified) you will receive a password. The process may take up to 72 hours or 3 business days. 

As a potential employer partner looking to hire Veterans, you will need to contact our MET Program Director (please see "how to join" under the Employer tab) or reach us via


Q: How does the program work?

A: The MET website is a self-directed resource, designed to provide helpful links, information videos (that offer job search techniques, resume writing, interview tips, salary negotiation techniques – and applicable tool boxes) to enable you to connect directly with our military friendly employers, franchise opportunities and even educational institutions for accreditations needed as part of your new career.

You are ultimately responsible for your own civilian career progression, just as you were as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, but this web portal is designed to provide resources as you make your transition. Many of our employer partners have a direct point of contact you can reach out to after you've applied for a job within the company (these are available on our protected portal) but where this is not the case, many of these employers have software that specifically sorts out the "Veterans" during the application process. 


Q: Can anybody looking for work register with the program?

A: We are pleased to register only Honourably Released and QL3 qualified Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, active Reservists and those CAF members that are soon to be released and are transitioning to civilian employment.


Q: I am a Veteran looking for work. Why should I register?

A: By registering, you gain access to the secured portal of the MET program. The secured portal has company profiles of more than 100 Military-friendly employers that understand the valuable skills former military members can bring to their organization. As members of the 10,000 Jobs Coalition, they are committed to sharing best practices with other coalition members, are committed to tracking and submitting their tracking numbers quarterly, and are committed to hiring 10,000 Veterans by 2023. All registered members are sent emails periodically with “Hot Jobs” our Employer Partners have immediate openings for. And finally, the secured portal has a Member Toolbox to help registered members find their civilian career. It includes documents and videos that cover topics such as Resume and Cover letter writing, using job search engines, using LinkedIn, salary negotiations, and more.


Q: Who are the companies in the Coalition?

A: See a list of our Military Friendly Employers.


Q.  I was just curious to know a little bit more about what the company does and if it could be of any assistance?

A.  Canada Company is a federal non-profit corporation founded in 2006 that sets out to ensure military members and Veterans receive the widest support, care and recognition they deserve The MET program (Military Employment Transition Program) specifically deals with assisting Veterans with the transition process from the military to the workforce.  The program was formed in 2013 with a coalition of Canadian companies committed to hiring 10,000 military members and veterans by 2023. The program is largely self-serve, provided on our website and acts as a one stop shop for all things transitioning members need.

Q.  I am a veteran and wasn’t told about your service. How do I as a veteran get to use your services?

A.  If you are a current military member or Veteran (who has been honourably released and QL3 qualified) then you are eligible to register with the MET (Military Employment Transition) Program by clicking here: Tutorials.

Once you have been approved you will receive a system generated temporary password and instructions on how to login. Your registration will give you access to over 100 MET Employer Partners who are looking to hire military members and Veterans like yourself. For further questions regarding how the program works please visit our FAQ’s page at: FAQ.

Q.  Do you offer help with resume updating?  Or specifically helping us find equivalent terms for skills and courses we have taken in the army? 

A.  The other essential component of the transition program is the proper preparation of CAF candidates. MET employs a fully integrated team of civilian and ex-military staff members that provide the full range of interview preparation and job matching services, to ensure a high success rate with the right person in the right job. However, as the program has grown in success and popularity, it became necessary to have these resources filmed, and uploaded in both video format and through pdf presentations on the Canada Company website. You can watch these videos by following this link: Tutorials.

Q.  Should I have the expectation that the Employer Partners HR staff will be familiar with the Military Transition Program or will I need to bring it to their attention?

A.  The EPs that have a main point of contact listed on their company profile page will definitely be aware of the MET program and in the majority of cases (and more and more as we reach back to make sure) they will have had a training session that educates them about the Military Culture and a session that we call Military 101 that is basic in what it teaches about Canadian military structure, ranks, etc. If you are speaking to a large company with many recruiters you may find that you have to inform them about their own participation in the program and their company commitment to be a part of the coalition of 100+ Employer Partners hiring 10,000 Veterans by 2023.